Drain Repair

Our drainage repair department offers a full drain repair or replacement service for any drain related problem. As well as fully trained teams of excavation and repair engineers, we offer a no-dig repair alternative.

Drain Relining

Structural lining is a proven and established method of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe without excavation and with minimal disruption.

The new pipe is moulded into the damaged pipe by an ingenious method called 'inversion' using water or air pressure, fitting it tightly against the wall of the new pipe.

Lining is suitable for sewers, culverts, gas pipes, down pipes, tunnels, etc. The process is accepted by local authorities, surveyors, civil engineers, and architects.

Clay drains can be lined to prevent further deterioration of fractured or broken drains thus eliminating leakage into the surrounding ground and the possibility of causing subsidence.

Local Structural Repair 

If your pipes, drain or sewer requires a localised repair our engineers can offer a cost effective supply and fit solution.

Using a localised structural repair kit we achieve a permanent and watertight repair which is tested to WRc standard. Available for pipe, drains and sewers with diameters from 100-1200mm.

Our team of specialists are on hand to manage and control the prospective work, applying to the local council on your behalf and we are also on hand to help customers with any potential insurance claim.

Call our 24-Hour service centre on: 0800 015 0410 for further help or to arrange a free quote.